Bima Mandi , a Tech Platform raises over Half a million USD Seed Capital

Bima Mandi, the brand of Turanth is proud to announce Mr. Prashant Karulkar, a
first-generation entrepreneur, currently heading Karulkar Pratisthan, as its
“Bima Mandi” is an initiative targeting Rural India and aims to address the
understanding of “Savings and Protection” that is required in the rural soul of
Speaking on the occasion of success of Private Placement, Mr. Karulkar said, “Bima Mandi upon
getting approval will connect with Rural Soul phase by phase through a tech platform that will
interact in local language and regional dialects through text, audio and video medium. Bima Mandi,
through its dedicated customer support, Bima Saarthi also plans to engage with the rural soul during
the policy term life cycle and also assist in lodging and processing of insurance claims”

Speaking on the same occasion, Mr. Chirag Jain, Director-Technology Bima Mandi
added, “The Tech and Leadership team at Bima Mandi is working on the challenge
to ensure owners of feature and smart phone in this segment get the same
experience in 2G, 3G and 4G space”


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